Welcome to our 2023 salary survey

It’s packed with information on how much businesses are paying for roles across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. We’ve split it into these specialisms:

  • HR
  • accountancy (and accountancy practice)
  • marketing
  • professional office
  • IT and software
  • supply chain, engineering and manufacturing.

We’ve created our report using salary information from clients and job seekers, combined with our consultants’ specialist experience – the main reason companies choose to work with us.

Why download the report?

If you’re an employer, it’ll help you make sure the pay and benefits you’re offering are competitive, and ultimately help you attract and keep the best talent. And if you’re an employee, you can check you’re being paid what you’re worth.

Download Pure's 2023 Salary Survey

What are the highlights? 

The report will tell you:

  • why having a recruitment strategy that goes beyond the short term is your strongest weapon when it comes to hiring the best talent – the number one challenge for most businesses
  • what today’s jobseekers are really looking for, and why it’s more than just the right salary and package
  • how now more than ever, diversity, equity and inclusion policies are critical to both the hiring process and for business success
  • why employers are being more cautious with their hiring choices, and how job seekers need to be ready to shine when it comes to personality and behaviour.

We’ve also included salary details for our newest specialism – supply chain, and engineering and manufacturing – for the first time.

One of the things we’ve learnt from our survey is that pay in our region really varies for individual roles. So if you need some help with your salaries or benefits, please get in touch.