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ECL is a private limited company, wholly owned by Essex County Council since 2009.  They are the largest care provider in Essex providing high-quality care to older people, adults receiving reablement services, adults with learning disabilities and people with sight and hearing impairment. They also provide the reablement service in West Sussex and Havering. ECL’s services include:  

  • Day opportunity services for older people and adults with learning disabilities delivered through 28 centres across Essex offering both centre and community-based support.
  • Inclusive employment services supporting adults with learning disabilities into paid employment.
  • Community equipment service providing mobility and safety equipment for the home.
  • Sensory services supporting people with sight and hearing impairment.
  • Short term reablement support in the home focussed on supporting recovery, stabilisation and confidence building
  • Supported Living.

ECL's Challenge

ECL has grown rapidly and has recruited across the organisation, including the Corporate head office function as well as the operational care workforce. ECL embarked on a significant project to restructure the recruitment team that would enable them to manage the high demand for care workers in-house. Whilst we have worked with ECL since 2012, an employee in their HR team had previously worked with Pure as a candidate. Impressed by the professionalism and personalised service, Pure was asked to manage the entire recruitment of the new team, which included:  

  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Digital Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Coordinator

At the same time, ECL restructured the Senior Management team and Pure were asked to help them appoint a number of new senior positions.  

How Pure Made A DiFFERENCE

From working with ECL over the years, we had a good background and knowledge of the people and organisation. Over the past 12 months, this relationship has moved forward and as a result Pure have been a true ambassador and business partner for ECL which shone through during the project to build the in-house recruitment team.  

Tracey Nunn, Employee Relations Manager commented; "Pure listen to understand the requirements and then provide quality candidate CVs that are a good match to the role and to the company culture. They regularly keep in touch with progress and didn't bombard us with CVs. Instead, we received a few quality CVs that saved us time, allowing us to interview and make offers more efficiently. Background checks were completed and Pure met each candidate before sending their CV and provided a very thorough service."

"When we restructured our Senior Management Team, to support the company’s growth strategy, Pure were key in helping us to place some key positions. They completed an executive search and delivered the same personalised and thorough approach. They did a fantastic job and we made some very successful appointments."


From May 2019 to April 2020, we recruited 17 roles for ECL at various levels, from Administrative through to Senior Management posts. The roles included Human Resources, Accountancy, Project Management, IT & Technology, Facilities Management, Business Analysis and most recently, a Regional Business Manager role. The in-house recruitment team is up and running and are doing a great job sourcing frontline and other care staff, that are so fundamental to ECL’s growth.

Tracey Nunn, Employee Relations Manager also commented, "You supported our company’s growth strategy by helping us to ensure we had a high performing experienced Recruitment team able to recruit the frontline care staff we need to secure new contracts and you helped us to place senior positions who can lead the organisation through the next growth phase. If you are looking for a thorough, friendly, professional and efficient service, I would recommend Ben and the team at Pure."

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Written by

Ben Farrow

Ben has over 18 years’ experience in specialist recruitment. He joined Pure in 2011 and has helped us grow and develop the business across Essex. Ben’s responsible for leading senior HR recruitment, using his strong networks and relationships across the region. He’s also part of our leadership team, overseeing business operations across Essex and Suffolk, and taking the lead on HR, learning and development, quality, compliance, IT and infrastructure functions.

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